Advertising is a management function. While advertising is the event, advertising Management is the whole process – a function of marketing starting from market research continuing through Advertising leading to actual sales or achievement of objective. But Advertising Management does not stop here. It goes further in regard to evaluation of the whole cost-benefits that were involved in the whole exercise.

This means that if there is a public service ad with an objective to increase domestic saving, the evaluation would take place in terms of the actual increase in domestic savings as can be found from banks and other financial institutions. If it’s about launch of a new product, then the evaluation would be in terms of benefits derived from the cost sunk in the advertising campaign.

Advertising management incorporates various specialised sub-functions like media strategy, message strategy, media planning, media buying etc.

While advertising management is an inseparable part of the marketing department, usually, the marketing department of an organisation is concerned more with market research and evaluation of results. All the critical processes of advertising management are generally outsourced to specialised Advertising agencies. For example the media buying is done in bulk by these ad agencies on which they receive discount / commission, that goes into their earning. It is a very creative field as it involves designing the strategies to be adopted for influencing the public ie media selection and deciding on the aspect to be advertised based on the image of the company and the present marketing objective.It then involves deciding on the ad message to be communicated which should capture the public attention!


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